i just sent my official application for legal sex change so i can finally get my real name on my passport!

there’s six months of waiting because they wanna make sure we don’t rush into it but that’s alright because march 1st i’m gonna be isaac fulltime!

texty update

i started a new school last week.

it’s this creative nordic kind of school where there’s no ‘real’ subjects - everything is creative and there’s no exams.

so i chose the subjects i wanted (photo, drawing, band, singing & songwriting) and today was the first day with band

and the entire night i had been struggling with anxiety in my sleep (bad habit) and i could barely get out of bed

but i forced myself and when i got there

the teacher was like ‘hey isaac, do you sing?’

and i was like ‘yeah’

and he said ‘great, you’re now the front singer of a band’

and it went so well :’)

i tried film

Anonymous asked: hi Im a boy and Im trans, so Im choosing a name for myself. I chose Lucas but I just cant adapt to it yet, it seens like an empty name. could you please right a short little story about a boy named Lucas so I can like this name more? and please not make him trans. if it helps my personality is like Peter Pan's but without being cocky and mean

hello there.

honestly if lucas feels empty to you, there’s two approaches. either you choose a new name that means more to you, or you decide to fill it in with your own meaning.

i wanted to write you a story, but i feel it’s the wrong thing to do as a name is a super-personal thing and identity shouldn’t be shaped by anyone but yourself.

and if the problem here is that you chose one name and came out as that but changed your mind, get a new one. say you’ve been out for a year - people have gotten used to it and call you this on a daily basis, so it’s awkward to change now. but if you’re living with this name for sixty years, i suggest it’s better to seem awkward now and get a perfect one.

i suggest babynames.com. or maybe just peter. like you said.

i hope this doesn’t sound like i’m insulting you, but names mean a lot to me and i really think it’s hard to choose so i think it’s good for several opinions on the process


Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm physically a female, but I have always with heart and soul been a boy. My mother is very religious. She's already finding it hard to cope with the fact I'm pansexual [though she tolerates it, she doesn't accept it]. So I can't tell her I'm transgender. Maybe in ten or fifteen years, but definitely not anytime soon. I try to be who I am through wearing ''boyish clothes'' and a short haircut. It helps, but it's not enough. You and your posts help me through these rough times. Thank you.

oh my, dear, that’s awful. likely i wouldn’t have had the courage to come out if i was in your situation so please know that i am super proud of your honesty towards yourself - the hardest acceptance to ask for is always your own.

i am glad i can help you even just a little bit. and honestly if you ever need any help/support/pep talks i am here and listening and i check messages almost daily.

brushing barely-an-inch-hair away

(seven months on t)

Anonymous asked: If you are the space between railroad tracks, then I want to be the steel that surrounds you. You will never find your jellyfish, but someday you'll meet a person who is like an ocean, and you'll be able to see clouds of them float throughout their soul.

how romantic

very well timed i’m having a lonely evening