Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm physically a female, but I have always with heart and soul been a boy. My mother is very religious. She's already finding it hard to cope with the fact I'm pansexual [though she tolerates it, she doesn't accept it]. So I can't tell her I'm transgender. Maybe in ten or fifteen years, but definitely not anytime soon. I try to be who I am through wearing ''boyish clothes'' and a short haircut. It helps, but it's not enough. You and your posts help me through these rough times. Thank you.

oh my, dear, that’s awful. likely i wouldn’t have had the courage to come out if i was in your situation so please know that i am super proud of your honesty towards yourself - the hardest acceptance to ask for is always your own.

i am glad i can help you even just a little bit. and honestly if you ever need any help/support/pep talks i am here and listening and i check messages almost daily.

brushing barely-an-inch-hair away

(seven months on t)

Anonymous asked: If you are the space between railroad tracks, then I want to be the steel that surrounds you. You will never find your jellyfish, but someday you'll meet a person who is like an ocean, and you'll be able to see clouds of them float throughout their soul.

how romantic

very well timed i’m having a lonely evening

Anonymous asked: What is it with the manifesto and the red tape? What is the manifesto? Sorry for asking... Hope you don't mind...

i wrote it three days before coming out. 

it’s just called isaac and it’s a bunch of keywords and sentences that describe the person i’d like to become.

i’m currently working parttime in a small antiquary where i sell old books

we have literally 13000 books and in three days we’ve received 42 boxes with more books

books in the kitchen, books in the bathroom, books everywhere

Anonymous asked: do you have any advice on picking a career? i have no clue what i want to do

careers don’t exist. they suggest you choose one path now and stick to it, but no one ever got happy from that.

pick an interest you have and do everything in your power to get really, really good at it. work intensely on this. lose interest. that’s alright. choose a new interest. mix the two. now you’re the only one in the world who can play spanish guitar while riding a unibike.

james altucher is my hero on this subject. he’s got what you’re looking for.

no stories atm guys, i’m working on something longer than usual



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