today i had a bad day so i

opened up my window as far as it would go and

took my small, dry plant and put in the window sill

and i played guitar for it

and it started raining

and it’s not a dry plant anymore


how does one answer this like omg thank u

i had another date with myself today

after seeing my sweet therapist i realized i was close to my favorite museum.

i haven’t been there for some years

i started in the cafe with purchasing the most delicious slice of chocolate-caramel-pecan-cake (fuck allergies)

and i borrowed a book on details in paintings

then i sat in a hall and wrote what i gathered from the pictures

taking care of myself is important now.

Anonymous asked: This is not an ask... Just an anon guy passing by to tell you how much he loves you. See you, handsome! :*

GUYS so apparently i am HANDSOME which is perhaps the BEST WORD in the english language in terms of male compliments


Anonymous asked: how did you come out? i'll be in a room with all of my family and everyone will be quiet and i'll be like this is it do it come out but all i can do is open my mouth. i can't get any further no matter how hard i try. i just can't do it


do it with one person you really trust to stay calm

like i told my mum
then my dad
then my 14 year old sister
then my 11 year old brother FUCKING GUESSED IT I MEAN

anyway point is don’t throw yourself out there. if you get a bad reaction it’s SO MUCH HARDER to do it again (and you’ll have to do this a lot of times)

but fear not! i like to think of coming out like a positive horcrux on fear

like first time you split the fear in two (50%)
then second time you split again (25%)
then again (12.5%)

and every time you come out it’s only half the fear from last time.

so find someone to help you carry this

(and honestly family can be terrible so perhaps a friend would be better for you)
(even just a stranger with an open mind)

Anonymous asked: you look like your happy and successful and you get to travel and buy pretty guitars but you're young too and i don't get it how did this happen this needs to happen to me i don't want to get old oh no

1. quit school and everything that makes you wanna kill yourself

(hardest and most important step)

2. figure out an interest you have and call strangers with knowledge on the subject and ask them if they wanna point you in the right direction for becoming a self-taught MUSICIAN or NAIL POLISH DESIGNER or TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER

like you go on the internet (step accomplished) and look up people working with the INTEREST in your country. look up what they’ve done.

contact them (i prefer email) and write “hello i am young and interested and i like your work would you mind giving me tips/critique/telling me about the necessary skill sets”

and after this you google “how to PHOTOSHOP or LOGIC PRO or FASHION CONCEPT ILLUSTRATION”

i recommend udemy and skillshare highly, ask me for a free membership when you get there

3. and then you LEARN. this is dramatically important. really. the only reason i get todo all these crazy things is because i spent years working with bad footage at home and really getting to know the editing programs to a point where PEOPLE COULD USE MY SKILLS wow

it’s all about acquiring a certain set of skills, really, that people will pay you money for in some years.

photoshop’s great for this, if you like graphic design or photography.

5. yes you will shake on your hands before the first 500 emails and phone calls and that’s alright. i’m still nervous before calling anyone, but it gets better.

but the emphasis here should be on FIVE-HUNDRED because this is literally how it’s done. you’re gonna be contacting SO MANY GODDAMN PEOPLE and tbh this has been so much against my natural nature because socialising was always my weak point

and if you come out on the other side with no school but a happy business of some sort, then you’re fucking A.

(don’t be fooled: i still lay awake at night thinking about future plans. but the idea that I DECIDE whether i wanna pursue music producing or edit more films or take another film program to polish off my cinematography skills or start a one-man business next year… holy shit that’s the thrill of it)

(and i have attended creative film programs, but never real school.)

woah i had a lot of words on this! hit me up on isaacnissen at outlook dot dk for more

today i dated myself

i went to a tiny beach town

walked up and down the small main street

got ice cream, ice coffee and scones

walked along the sea

it was lovely